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David Ho

b. 1952, Taichung, Taiwan
AIDS researcher. Ho obtained a degree in physics from Caltech and a medical degree from Harvard Medical School. Ho is the director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York. He was named the "1996 Man of the Year" by Time Magazine for his role in developing the "drug cocktail" therapy that has been largely successful in prolonging the life of HIV patients.
Henry C. Lee

b. 1938, China

Forensic scientist. Lee started studied police science in Taiwan and worked as a police captain before coming to the US, eventually earning a PhD in Biochemistry.  Lee is presently the Chief Emeritus of the Connecticut State Police Laboratory and a professor at the University of New Haven. He has investigated over 4000 homicides and served as expert witness in many high-profile cases, such as that of O.J. Simpson.

He has authored over 20 books on forensic science, including:

  • Blood Evidence: How DNA is Revolutionizing the Way We Solve Crimes
  • Cracking Cases: The Science of Solving Crimes
  • Famous Crimes Revisited: From Sacco-Vanzetti to O. J. Simpson