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Famous Chinese Americans Business and Entrepeneurship

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John S. Chen

b. Hong Kong
CEO of Sybase. After obtaining his MSEE from the California Institute of Technology, he began his career at Unisys in 1979, where he held a variety of engineering and management positions. Later he held senior executive positions at Pyramid Technology and Siemens Nixdorf. In 1997, he became CEO of Sybase, where he successfully engineeried a turnaround in the company's previously sagging fortunes.
Andrew Cherng
Founder of Panda Express. Andrew Cherng started in 1972 with a single restaurant in Pasadena, CA. The first Panda Express opened in 1983 and grew steadily to the more than 600 outlets it has today which makes it the largest Chinese fast food restaurant chain in the US..
Andrea Jung

b. 1959, Toronto

CEO of Avon Products since 1999. She's been credited with the company's turnaround and was named one of Business Week's Best Managers of 2002.

Proudest moment:  addressing Avon's staff in mandarin on her first visit to China. [Note to children attending Chinese language after-school classes: This is why your parents make you go.]

Jenny Ming

b. 1955, Macau
Former President of Old Navy, a unit of Gap, Inc. from 1999 to 2006. She graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in clothing merchandising. She joined the Gap in 1986 as Merchandise Manager of Gap brand activewear and rose through the ranks. She was part of the team that launched Old Navy in 1994 and became its president in 1994. Her innate ability to detect fashion trends has been critical to the success of the chain.
Victor and Janie Tsao

b. Taiwan

Founders of Linksys, the small business and home networking company. Started their company out their Irvine, CA garage in 1988 whe they were both in their mid-30s. After much hard work, frugality, and focus, their marketplace success led to Cisco purchasing their company in 2003 for $500 million.
John Tu and David Sun

b. 1941, Chungking
Entrepeneurs. Together, they first started a computer parts company in 1986. Their second effort was the Kingston Technology Company, which they sold an 80% stake in for $1.5 billion. They famously shared their good fortune by spending $100 million in employee bonuses. In 1997 and 1998, the company's revenue declined dramatically as the price of memory sunk. John and David bought back the 80% they had sold earlier for $450 million.
Courtesy Computer Associates
Charles Wang

b. 1944, Shanghai

Founded Computer Associates in 1976, serving as its CEO until 2000 and Chairman until 2002. His salesmanship and perseverance helped make Computer Associates become the third largest software company in the world.

He's the author of Technovision: Every Executive's Guide to Understanding and Mastering Technology and the Internet.

Photo courstesy Yaho Media Relations
Jerry Yang

b. 1968, Taiwan
Co-founder of Yahoo and Chief Yahoo. Together with his roommate started Yahoo as a hobby while pursuing a PhD at Stanford University. The tremendous popularity of the concept forced a changed of plans that resulted in the creation of the web's most important property.  He hasn't earned that PhD yet.  Wonder whether his parents give him a hard time about that.