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Do you have flashcards for <name your textbook>?

If they are not already listed on the website, probably not. There are simply too many Chinese textbooks for us to be able to economically buy the books and create flashcards for all of them. However, if you are a motivated student or teacher and are willing to type in the necessary text, we can work with you to put them up on our site. Write to for more information.

Can I create create flashcards using using my own word lists?

At the present time, we do not have any facilities that would allow you to create and maintain your own lists although we plan to offer such a feature in the future.

Do you have a downloadable version that could be run offline?

No, the Yellowbridge Flashcards require an Internet connection. However, YellowBridge subscribers can generate printed flashcards that could be used offline.

Do you a version for mobile devices?

Yes, use the same URL for both dektop and mobile versions.

How come your translations are slightly different from the ones in my textbook?

Due to copyright issues, we cannot copy the translations from the textbooks. Therefore, except for those books for which we have received explicit permission from the copyright owners, we use the translations from our YellowBridge dictionary. Since the flashcards are meant to supplement but not replace your textbook, the minor differences are inconsequential and, in fact, can help you gain a fuller understanding of the words being studied. There will be some differences but the meanings should be close enough. There might be a few cases where we offer more possible meanings than the ones in the chapter you are studying. Some of our users find this very useful, others find it confusing. If you find specific instances where the extra meanings are confusing, please let us know and we'll try to remove them. Where the character or word has more possible pronunciations than the ones shown in your textbook, we do try to show only the matching ones.

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